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Eric Bourque, KARZELEK

My name is Eric Bourque, President and founder of Karzelek and inventor of the K911. What is the K911? The K911 is a Personal protection equipment. It’s an attachment to the miner’s belt that each would wear on them in underground mines where compressed air is used. It’s designed to provide a way of remaining safe while fires are declared within mines. As we all know, the biggest risk for miners is smoke caused by fire.  Important to note that this does not replace or interfere with mine rescue procedures. My invention has 4 uses: 1 – a personal protection tent 2 – The pouch is designed to provide lumbar support. 3- Thermal blanket 4 – Emergency stretcher I have spent 22 months researching and performed extensive bench marking at all levels of the industry.  I am extremely proud of my work and I would request 15 min on the innovation stage. I would like to share the following with you for consideration: I own the patent on my invention, I have travelled to China and established my product with a solid foundation in all area in preparation of the official launch at CIM2019. I am backed by a solid network of mentors and advisors all levels of the mining industry. We are present at CIM and believe this would make a great event to share this as a world premiere on the CIM2019 innovation stage. It’s going to be super fun and we are excited to come unveil this to the world. I invite you to see Karzelek.ca for information and instructions of my invention. Sincerely Eric Bourque,   President, founder of Karzelek and inventor of the K911 1-819-277-5942 ericbourque@karzelek.ca   Your survival partner! – K911 available worldwide soon! Ref: https://karzelek.ca/ http://www.iheartradio.ca/energie/energie-rouyn/nouvelles/mines-un-rouynorandien-invente-une-tente-de-survie-en-cas-de-feu-1.8724454 https://www.lecitoyenvaldoramos.com/article/2019/02/06/il-concoit-une-tente-pour-sauver-les-mineurs https://www.facebook.com/Creapills/posts/wwwkarzelekca-une-compagnie-qu%C3%A9becoise-qui-sauve-la-vie-des-mineurs-sous-terre/2349676241730383/ https://www.facebook.com/623957141372273/posts/bravo-eric-bourque-f%C3%A9licitations-karzelek-1-/632246617209992/
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