Inhibiting acid mine drainage throughout the mine life cycle

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 89, No. 999, 1996

David A. Orava, SENES Consultants Limited, Richmond Hill, Ontario, and Richard C. Swider, Richard C. Swider Consulting Engineers Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

The technical knowledge and practical experience accumulated by industry and others in abating acid mine drainage (AMD) is being proactively applied at every phase of the mine life cycle. This paper traces the mine life cycle from exploration to post closure monitoring and maintenance, and reviews AMD abatement measures that have become an integral component of exploration and mining activities. Attention is increasingly being given to evaluating AMD potential as part of exploration work, and studies related to project feasibility and design. Mining, mineral processing, and waste management options are selected taking into consideration their suitability to inhibit AMD. These inhibition measures are typically committed to in closure plans submitted at the permitting stage. Mines are operated and decommissioned, often progressively, as planned and in accordance with environmental protection policies.
Mots Clés: Environment, Acid mine drainage, Waste management