Influence of various parameters on underground accidents: a multifactorial approach in Quebec mines

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 82, No. 924, 1989

N.R. Billette, CANMET-MRL and Marcel Laflamme, Université Laval

In 1982, a study was initiated to investigate relationships between bonus and accidents in Quebec underground mines. In 1983, the study was expanded to include the impact of age and experience on accidents. The paper will describe the methodology followed in gathering information at ten mines from three mining camps in the Province of Quebec, and its transfer to data banks for subsequent treatment. Multifactorial analysis of nine variable files for the ten mines has shown: that age, experience and seniority are linked; that total working hours are tied with overtime; that bonus is linked to the main activity of the miner, and not to accidents. The most tangible factors affecting accidents seem to be the introductory training and subsequent retraining at regular intervals.
Mots Clés: Bonus rate, Accident frequency, Underground mining, Production, Development, Services, Multifactorial analysis, Safety