Inco Gold - exploration and development

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 83, No. 933, 1990

C. Barsotti and S. Sopher, Inco Gold Management Inc.

Inco Gold Company was created in 1987 as an unincorporated business unit of Inco Limited. In 1988, Inco Gold Management Inc. was incorporated to supply management, exploration and engineering services to this unit. The first new project, at Casa Berardi, Quebec, was brought to production in September 1988, less than two years after completion of exploration. For 1989, Inco Gold's exploration and capital expenditures have been budgeted at approximately $94 million, a record level. Inco Gold holds interests in more than 80 precious metals ventures and prospects in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and France. The most advanced projects, in addition to Casa Berardi, are at Mineral Hill, Jardine, Montana, where initial production is anticipated in the third quarter of 1989, and Crixas in central Brazil, where production is scheduled to begin during the fourth quarter of the same year.
Mots Clés: Mineral exploration, Gold, Inco Gold