Improving stakeholder partnerships with the help of 3D visual tools


Janeth Pizarro, STANTEC

This abstract will look at the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the expansion of a mine located in the northern highlands of Peru. Historical impacts to water, the community, and the landscape have provoked misgivings between local community groups and the mine. The EIA process included engagement efforts with more than 50 surrounding townships and a far reaching community engagement program to build trust and open dialog amongst stakeholders. Due to the magnitude and complexity of the mining operations and, as a result of significant community skepticism, visual aids were used to promote a common project understanding.  Visual aids included a 3D video showing how the mine would transition during remaining life of the mine and a 3D physical mine model that community members could inspect.  Both tools encouraged transparency and dialog will allowing the community to voice their concerns.  The long-term approach to building trust and open dialogue, combined with the 3D tools, have proven helpful in improving project transparency, bettering stakeholder understanding and facilitating a productive dialogue amongst the various affected parties.