Improved zinc flotation kinetics at the Louvicourt mill using FLEX 31

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 90, No. 1014, 1997

R.S. MacPhail, Charles Tennant & Company, Weston, Ontario, L. Racine, Aur Louvicourt Inc, Val d’Or, Quebec, B.G. Cousins, TRTA, Edmonton, Alberta

FLEX 31 is a chemically enhanced sodium isopropyl xanthate that has shown improved collection properties over SIPX for copper-bearing and copper-activated minerals. Characteristics such as improvement of recoveries with lower dosages and high pyrite and pyrrhotite rejection capabilities have all been exhibited by FLEX 31. The most improved results have been seen in sphalerite flotation. Plant trial work carried out in the zinc circuit at the Louvicourt Concentrator in northern Quebec has produced data showing superior grade and recoveries from rougher concentrates that previously had not been attainable with other reagents effectively. The improvement over SIPX adds up to an almost $1,000,000 annual improvement on the mine’s bottom line at present zinc prices.
Mots Clés: Copper, FLEX 31, Flotation, Louvicourt mill, Mineral processing, Zinc flotation kinetics.