Implementation of Advanced Control Strategies Using VentsimCONTROL at San Julian Mine


Jose Pinedo, Howden; Daniel Torres Espinoza, Fresnillo plc

Ventilation is a vital service in underground mines, required to provide fresh air to the work force and dilute diesel equipment gases (CO, NOx) and diesel particulate matters (DPM). At a Mexican precious metal mine in the state of Chihuahua there is a VOD system implemented using Howden Simsmart control and monitoring system and a state of the art tagging and tracking technology. The mine is ventilated using a push and pull system, using automated regulators on each level to control the air going in and out of the levels. The implementation of advanced control strategies using Howden’s VentsimCONTROL allows the mine to generate significant savings and increase health and safety of the workers.