Implementation of a Critical Controls Management Program - A Mining Contractor’s Journey


Steve Wrixon, Cementation Canada Inc

It is notable that “Critical Controls Management” for safety has made immense progress within the mining industry in recent times, in part due to the lead taken by members of the International Council on Mining & Metals.  The primary goal of such safety programs is the prevention of workplace fatalities.  This is accomplished by recognizing those high risk hazards which employees encounter, identifying the controls which are essential to have in place to prevent an unwanted event and, importantly, verifying that those controls are indeed in place and effective which can be accomplished through regular and thorough workplace inspections. Mining contractors typically perform specialty work, embracing non-routine activities which will require a high level of risk management to effectively protect employees from any unwanted events.  With these kinds of activities, the durations of work programs might span from weeks to several years, and hence incorporating a critical controls management program in this particular environment has its challenges and necessities.  This presentation of the actual implementation of a Critical Controls Management Program will focus on the background, challenges to implementation, and lessons learned by Cementation Americas when putting into action their critical controls management program called MAP (Major Accident Prevention).
Mots Clés: Risk Management, Critical Controls