How Modular’s Performance Assurance team helped a large coal operation extract untapped value from its FMS investment


Javier Mascareno, Modular Mining

Fleet management systems (FMSs) are deployed at the majority of open-pit mines, however not all mines utilize the technology to its full potential, thus leaving value, behind. In our presentation, we will discuss how Modular’s Performance Assurance (PA) team worked with a US-based coal operation to maximize the mine’s utilization of its DISPATCH® FMS; a change that led to an increase in night-shift production of nearly eight percent. We will describe the methods PA used to assess and evaluate the mine’s night-shift processes, and discover the underlying cause for the disparity between day- and night-shift performance. We will further explain how PA conducted tailored coaching sessions with the night-shift dispatchers to increase the dispatchers’ understanding of FMS technology, and maximize the system's real-time, dynamic, haulage cycle optimization capabilities. In conclusion, we will summarize the realized improvements based on the night-shift dispatchers’ increased knowledge and utilization of the full range of the FMS’ capabilities, as well as the mine’s willingness to modify several of its operational practices based on PA’s recommendations.
Mots Clés: FMS; Fleet Management System; DISPATCH FMS; Modular Mining; Performance Assurance