How Dome increased maintenance effectiveness and reduced costs

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 86, No. 970, 1993

K. Musgrave, Ken Musgrave & Associates, Oakville, Ontario, and E. Sulis, Dome Mine, Placer Dome Inc., South Porcupine, Ontario

This paper tells the story of how the Dome Mine in South Porcupine increased its maintenance effectiveness and reduced its maintenance costs in two phases. In the first phase, a maintenance audit was conducted, and the results led to some changes that improved maintenance, especially in the underground equipment area. The audit methods, and the changes made will be reviewed. In the second phase, management made changes in the maintenance organization and methods, following a prolonged strike during which management operated the mine. These changes were in part the result of insights learned from their hands-on operating experience.
Mots Clés: Dome Mine, Maitenance, Cost