Groupe d'objets provenant des Forges du St-Maurice; I-étude métallographique et chimique

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 77, No. 863, 1984

M. FISET, T. VO VAN et A. GALIBOIS Département de mines et métallurgie, Université Laval, Québec, Canada

A group of 22 specimens originating from "Les Forges du St Maurice" has been systematically studied by chemical analysis and metallographic examination in order to determine their characteristics and to evaluate their metallurgical quality. The bulk of the forged iron and steel samples are heterogeneous from both their microstructure and their chemical composition. Observation of a few finish products has permitted to establish that surface heat treating was applied although its metallurgical control was rather empirical.
Mots Clés: Slags, Wrought iron, Bloomery porcess, Pig iron, Charcoal finary