Groupe d'objects provenant des Forges du St-Maurice II — considerations sur leurs affinites et leur mode d'elaboration

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 77, No. 864, 1984

M. FISET, T. VO VAN et A. GALIBOIS, Departement des mines et metallurgie, Universite Laval, Quebec

In order to establish some links between the 22 specimens found on the site of Les Forges du St. Maurice, their slag inclusions have been analyzed by electron microprobe. Comparison between their contents of various specific oxides allowed us to segregate them into two major groups and even to isolate two sub-groups possibly characterized by some equilibrium between their oxides and/or the type of ores used. In all probability, limestone coupled systematically with a soil rich in hydrated aluminum silicates was used as a flux. Based upon the existence of a pseudo equilibrium between the slag and the metal, the elaboration of the bulk of the specimens can be ascribed to the indirect rather than the direct method whereas the process temperature can be estimated at at least 1400°C.
Mots Clés: Slags, Wrought iron, Bloomery process, Pig iron, Charcoal finery