Grease-based open gear lubricants: Multi-service products - Development and evaluation

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 95, No. 1059, 2002

N. Samman and S.N. Lau

A series of new, grease-based, solventfree open gear lubricants were developed to meet the demanding service requirements of mining equipment. The use of these products has resulted in better performance under conditions of temperature extremes and in terms of longer component lives. They have gained widespread acceptance within the mining communities for such applications as the lubrication of mining shovels, draglines and ball mills. These products are WHMIS non-controlled and are environmentally acceptable. The benefits and advantages of using this type of product to lubricate mining equipment as well as the field evaluation and experience will be discussed.
Mots Clés: Mining, Open gear, Gear lubricant, Grease, Multi-service