Glass fibre cable bolts — an alternative

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 87, No. 976, 1994

R. Pakalnis, D.A. Peterson, The University of British Columbia, and G. Peter Mah, Dickenson Mines Ltd.

Laboratory and trial installations have been completed to determine the potential of composite cable bolt reinforcement in Canadian underground mines. Several prototypes of glass fibre cable bolts have been developed and tested, two of which are currently available to the mining industry. Their evaluation consisted of lab testing in Canada and the United States, along with trial installations in several underground mines throughout Canada. The objective was to develop a cost competitive composite cable bolt equivalent in strength to that of a 16 mm diameter steel cable bolt. In addition to achieving equal or superior load carrying characteristics in tension, the glass fibre cables generally experienced an increase in the rate of installation due to their lighter weight. Unlike conventional steel cables, composite cables may be installed within mines which utilize continuous excavation and which require cut-table support. A market analysis of cable bolt usage in Canada has been completed. Glass fibre cable bolts are an effective means of rock reinforcement in mining applications. They prove to be a viable alternative to conventional steel cable bolting.
Mots Clés: Rock mechanics, Cable bolting, Glass fibre cables, Underground mining.