Evolution of an Open Digital Architecture for Mining


Dean Tanaka, Teck Resources Ltd.

Evolution of an Open Digital Architecture for Mining Prior to 2007, single purpose mining technologies were ubiquitously deployed across the industry. These technologies could be characterized by multiple proprietary networks in the mine serving an array of single purpose computers and screens onboard the mining equipment, feeding standalone/non-integrated back-office systems.  Since that time, a philosophical transformation has gained industry momentum, allowing empowered Mine Operator’s to adopt best in class, open digital technologies for mining which have enabled a wave of digital data.  This invaluable data, comprised of machine health, fleet productivity, payload, geospatial and safety data are the foundation of innovation and data driven analytics used to optimize safe mining production onboard the mining equipment and in the operations centers.    With the proven success and commercialization of automated haulage systems, this technology is posed to expand rapidly to mining operations globally; however, the current lack of interoperability, exceedingly strict network requirements and closed nature of these systems impose barriers on the Mine Operator’s ability to collect and leverage data as well as to choose best in class technologies for both brown and green field scenarios. This presentation will discuss the open digital architecture for conventional mining and its future in the era of mining automation.
Mots Clés: Digital data, open architecture, digital framework, off the shelf platform, autonomous haulage system, ahs