Etude du gonflement des boulettes d'hematite additionnees de tourbe

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 80, No. 902, 1987

E. GODIN M. RIGAUD, S.C. PANIGRAHY, Departement de genie metallurgique, de I'Ecole Polytechhique, Montreal, Quebec

Additions of peat moss and small quantities ofNaOH during balling of low silica specular hematite concentrates have eliminated the need to use bentonite as a binder. The redu-cibility and swelling of such pellets have been evaluated using four different gas mixtures, consisting ofH2 - CO - N2. The influence of the reducing power of the gases, on the swelling behaviour of pellets has been documented. Under the different reducing conditions, this new type of pellets exhibit properties similar to the ones obtained using bentonite.
Mots Clés: Boulelles oxydes de fer, Agglomeration, Additifs, Bentonite, Tourbe, Gonflement, Cinetique de reduction, Reductibilité, Hematite.