Environmental geology and geochemistry at the Windy Craggy massive sulphide deposit, northwestern British Columbia

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 86, No. 966, 1993

Philip G. Claridge and Bruce W. Downing, Geddes Resources Limited, Vancouver, British Columbia

The availability of environmental data is a major concern in the development of an exploration project through the permitting and feasibility stages. The collection of these data should ideally start very early in a major exploration program. Although a large proportion of the environmental data can also be used for exploration purposes, (e.g. stream-sediment, soil, and rock analyses), environmental sampling will rarely have been initiated at an early date. For the Windy Craggy project, a major environmental concern is the potential for generation of acid rock drainage from waste-rock piles. The project is reviewed with respect to the environment of the deposit, deposit geology, mineralization and reserves, the sequence of exploration activities to the present, the potential for the development of acid rock drainage, the geochemistry and water quality, and the integration of exploration and environmental databases and their application to environmental planning.
Mots Clés: Environmental geology, Geochemistry, Windy Craggy, Sulphide deposits, Exploration.