Energy management system at Falconbridge Limited, Onaping Operation

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 83, No. 935, 1990

B.J. Clauzier, Falconbridge Limited, Falconbridge, Ontario, and D.W. Euler, Donson Engineering Limited, North Bay, Ontario

Implementation of an effective energy management system will reduce energy costs without impacting negatively on production. The energy management system must be designed to complement the operation and be integrated with the organization. It must be reliable and easy to use but most important, it must have an accurate and timely feedback reporting system to allow the operation to take appropriate action. Falconbridge Limited was one of the first three companies to be awarded the energy monitoring demonstration program in May 1987. The program is sponsored jointly by the Ontario Ministry of Energy and Ontario Hydro. This paper describes the approach taken by Falconbridge Limited to implement the Onaping Area Energy Management System.
Mots Clés: Energy management, Management systems.