Dimension-stone potential in the Nain anorthosite

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 81, No. 916, 1988

J.R. MEYER and P.L. DEAN, Newfoundland Department of Mines, 81. John's, Newfoundland

The Department of Mines and Energy is at present investigating the dimension-stone potential of the Nain anorthosite complex. These rocks are known to host occurrences of labradorite, a semiprecious gemstone known for its beautiful play of colours (chatoyance). Test blocks that contain 50/0 to 180/0 chatoyant labradorite were extracted from three prospects south of Nain. These have been slabbed and polished for further evaluation. Second-grade labradorite stockpiled around the Grenfell quarry on Tabor Island is also being evaluated as a pot ential source of aggregate for use in terrazzo tiles, precast concrete and epoxy-backed wall panels.
Mots Clés: Industrial minerals, Dimension-stones. Nain anorthosite, Labradorites.