Diggability of plains overburden with bucketwheel excavators

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 80, No. 901, 1987

P.M. KRZANOWSKI and T.S. GOLOSINSKI, Department of Mineral Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

This paper presents results of a study undertaken to determine the feasibility of mining plains overburdens with bucketwheel excavators. Based on extensive geotechnical testing of overburdens under study, the relations between material geotechnical properties and its cuttability were defined. The properties with the highest correlations to the cuttability were then used to develop the material diggability classification. This classification may be used for identification of overburdens and coals mineable by bucketwheel excavators.
Mots Clés: Coal mining, Excavators, Bucketwheel excavators, Geotechnical testing, Diggability.