Diesel-generating plant waste heat recovery systems at remote locations

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 77, No. 869, 1984

M.A. PFEIFER and D. KOVACHEVICH, Bechtel Canada Limited, Toronto, Ontario

At remote locations typical of mines and associated ore processing plants, diesel electric generators are ideally suited for power plants due to their inherent operating flexibility, efficiency and reliability. In recent years rapid escalation in fuel and related transportation costs has made extensive waste heat recovery from generating sets financially attractive to a much greater extent than previously. The paper outlines key considerations during planning and design stages for utilizing the various waste heat sources available to best advantage. Based on two 1980 mining projects built in the Canadian Arctic, data is presented on potential operating and capital costs savings. A review of heat balances, engineering flow diagrams and major equipment selections for process and building heating systems utilizing waste heat is included.
Mots Clés: Engineering, Design, Diesel-generating plants, Waste heat recovery systems. Project design, Energy, Polaris project, Lupin project.