Design of liner plate culverts for underground mining environment

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 88, No. 988, 1995

Roy El. Durr, R. Durr Engineering Limited, Timmins, Ontario, Principal, and Glen R. Davidge, Falconbridge Limited - Kidd Creek Division, Timmins, Ontario

This paper presents the results of structural analyses and full-scale destructive tests conducted on liner plate culverts. The purpose of this work was to establish a design method and evaluate the suitability of using these structures in potential roof-fall areas for a rehabilitation application in lower stress and relaxed mining environments. Field evaluation of the design is currently in progress. Theoretical ultimate resistance functions were established for two different culvert shapes and were found to be representative of their experimental behaviour. The ultimate resistance function was used to determine their plastic behaviour to a rapidly increasing deflection condition, to determine the energy absorption capacity of these structures, and to predict their response to impact loading.
Mots Clés: Rock mechanics, Underground mining, Structural analysis, Destructive testing.