Design and Implementation of a Supplemental Atomizing Spray System for Dust Control in Deep Cut Continuous Mining


Todor Petrov, Engineering Consultant; Zach Brown, Alliance LLC; Jhosh Dilbeck, Alliance Coal LLC; David Turner, Alliance Coal LLC; Justin Ratliff, Alliance Coal LLC

In efforts to improve dust control during deep cut continuous mining a supplemental atomizing spray system, mounted on 14CM15 continuous miner, has been designed and successfully implemented in a U.S. coal mine. The mine is 2.1 m (7-ft) high and uses a blowing curtain face ventilation system with 1.1 m (3.5-ft) curtain offset from the rib. The face ventilation design parameters were set to 9.4 m3/s (20,000-cfm); 4.2 m3/s (9,000-cfm) line curtain flow rate, and 3.8 m3/s (8,000-cfm) scrubber capacity. The performed in-mine measurements, before and after the implementation of the atomizing spray system, showed a significant decrease in the respirable dust levels at the operator place as well as at the return. The paper describes the supplemental water spray system design and performance supported by three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations and in-mine test data.