Deployment of FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras on Heavy Equipment


Dave Winfield, Provix Inc

Deployment of thermal imaging cameras has increased forward and rearward visibility for the machine operators due to the ability of the FLIR camera system to see through the steam. FLIR Thermal Imaging cameras provide for enhanced vision in steam, fog, smoke and dark operating conditions. Providing the operators with visual acuity in dense steam, allows them to confidently move their large equipment, knowing that anything with a heat signature will be clearly defined on the incab design. Both personnel and other operating equipment are clearly detected and as such, operators are able to maintain an effective pace through the distribution process. FLIR PathFindIRs are thermal cameras that are designed for mobile deployment. Originally developed as a military solution, they have been commercialised and re-invented as a safety solution for over the road vehicles, as well as for heavy equipment operating in environmental conditions that necessitate enhanced vision. PROVIX systems with FLIR cameras have been deployed in dusty conditions in South Africa, to Fog laden valleys in British Columbia, to underground mining LHDs in Sudbury Ontario, to ambulances traversing NewFoundland,on underground mine rescue vehicles in Saskatchewan, to tractor trailers operating in wildlife prone areas across the country. Provix has taken the proven FLIR technology and ruggedized it to withstand the extreme operating conditions found in the mining industry, whether that be surface mining in the oilsands or underground hard rock mining. The Provix system consists of dual FLIR thermal imaging cameras that are automatically activated based on direction of travel and requiring no operator input to display an enhanced image of what is in front or behind the bulldozer. The camera operates with a relatively narrow field of view, so as to magnify any object detected. More to come but out of time..