Deep shaft hoisting at LaRonde - The Penna shaft hoisting plant

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 97, No. 1080, 2004

B. McLaughlin

Agnico-Eagle started sinking the Penna Shaft in 1995 with a hoisting plant capable of hoisting 1800 t/d from a 2240 m deep shaft. Exploration success led to the installation of a hoisting plant capable of extracting 4500 t of ore and 1800 t of waste per day from a depth of 2210 m. The introduction of a new rope selection factor, permitting a safety factor of 4.0, represented the breakthrough required for a cost-effective project. This paper describes the process taken to introduce the new rope selection factor and its impact on the original plant.
Mots Clés: Hoisting, Deep shaft, Monitoring, Rope selection, Safety, Regulations.