Deep overburden shaft collar— Mussel white project case history

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 82, No. 930, 1989

Michael D. Winship, Projects Manager—Eastern Canada, Placer Dome Inc., and George S. Martin, General Manager — Contracting, J.S. Redpath Limited

Placer Dome Inc. is the operator of the Musselwhite project located 100 km north of Pickle Lake, Ontario. J.S. Redpath Limited was contracted to conduct an underground exploration program using shaft access. During the winter of 1988, the shaft collar was established in 16 metres of water bearing sand and till overburden. This proper will illustrates the engineering techniques used to overcome the obstacles to installing a shaft collar in deep overburden. Specialized dewatering and piling procedures were employed.
Mots Clés: Mining methods, Shaft collaring, Musselwhite project, Exploration, Underground mining, Engineering techniques