Cyclone modelling: a review of present technology

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 80, No. 905, 1987

B.C. FLINTOFF and LR. PLITT, Department of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Alberta, A.A. TURAK, Coal Research Department Alberta Research Council

Since the publication of empirical cyclone models by Lynch and Rao in 1975 and by Plitt in 1976, the technical literature on this subject has consisted primarily of reports of applications, with only a few articles discussing basic modifications or enhancements in model form. In fact, most of the modelling effort in this period has been concerned with theoretical models based on the hydrodynamics of multiphase flow. (Preliminary resutls have been encouraging, however, it will be some time before this approach reaches the practical application stage.) This paper presents a review of empirical cyclone modelling technology, with an emphasis on developments since the mid 1970s. The topics addressed include homogeneous and heterogeneous ores, parameter estimation techniques, parameter confidence intervals, and the introduction of a new conceptual model of cyclone operation.
Mots Clés: Technology, Modelling technology, Cyclone modelling, Homogeneous ores, Heterogeneous ores, Parameter estimation.