Shawn Foley, infinity belting ltd.; Bill Fairhall, Infinity Belting Ltd

CRITICAL LOOK AT CONVENTIONAL BELT CLEANER DESIGN VS. COST, PERFORMANCE & SAFETY Author: Shawn Foley, President, Infinity Belting Ltd.  For decades solid urethane scraper blades have been used in various industries as the only know standard for removing carry back from conveyor belts.  As the only known option available, they have seen success to varying degrees, but have always been plagued by design limitations and their inability to counteract changing belt conditions.  These limitations have severely eroded the standard scraper systems performance in several definable areas. Unfortunately, the industries in which these scrapers are utilized deem these deficiancies as normal and have become for many company's simply an added on cost to their regular mainenance routine.  Infinity Belting took a completely different path and over the past (5) years, designed, developed and field tested and entirely new system. Designed for cleaning cleated & flat belts with vulcanized splices or mechanical fasteners.  This new system has already proven its worth in aggregate, tire & waste recycling, oil sands, power generations and many more industries.  By virtue of its design, maintenance costs have seen a dramatic decrease as the wear life of its segmented blades have been as high as 8:1 with the lowest being 3:1 over conventional blades.  The systems engineered simplicity has also led to the development of an internal head pulley cleaner, dust removal system as well as a prototype for a chain cleaner currently being field tested in the USA.  The faith we have in our systems effectiveness is best shown in our guarantee. If the system does not clean as well or better than the current scraper installed, then it may be returned. To date, not one system has been returned! Our main discussion will concentrate on the Finger Scrapers impact on operating and capital costs as well the systems inherent safety design.  INFINITY BELTING - CONVEYING EXCELLENCE