Continuous loading and conveying technology in mining

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 80, No. 901, 1987

W.S. (WAYNE) CUSITAR, DM Enterprises Inc. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and DALE LETTS, Continuous Mining Systems Limited Sudbury, Ontario

The use of continuous loading and conveying technology for mining is currently practiced in relatively few mining environments and, even in these cases, on a non-exclusive basis. For the most part, and particularly in hard rock mining, appropriate equipment technology has only recently been developed for continuous loaders, mobile low profile crushers and flexible face conveyors. Mining R&D work by Inco Limited has promoted the development and proving of a loader suited to hard rock conditions and capable of sustained loading rates of 500 tonnes per hour. Current R&D work at Inco will test the production capabilities of a low profile mobile crusher by CMS/Eagle and a flexible/ mobile face conveyor system by DME. This follows successful production testing of the Belt Bender concepts in potash mining in Saskatchewan and the development of enhanced extensible conveyor equipment features by DME. Numerous applications are seen for variations of the LCC technology in soft rock, hard rock and surface mining environments.
Mots Clés: Coal mining, Continuous loading, Conveyor technology, Mining industry, Haulage, Underground mining, Potash mine, Hard rock mining.