Consolidated rockfill optimization at Kidd Creek Mines

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 89, No. 1001, 1996

Parviz N. Farsangi and Allen G. Hayward, Falconbridge Ltd., Kidd Creek Division, Timmins, Ontario, and Ferri P. Hassani, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

Kidd Creek Mines places approximately 10 000 tonnes of consolidated rockfill (CRF) daily. Consolidated rockfill comprises sized aggregate mixed with different ratios and amounts of binders. Consolidated rockfill is em ployed to simplify subsequent pillar recovery and provide improved passive/active ground support. The consolidated rockfill is designed to sustain not only the gravitational loading of the overlaying fill material, but also to some extent the dynamic loading applied during blasting of the adjacent stopes and/or pillars. This paper describes the steps taken to optimize the present fill system at Kidd Creek Mines. The emphasis is on four areas which have high saving potential: lower cost alternative binders, structural design, quality control measures, in-situ testing techniques for back analysis. A consolidated rockfill design optimization chart was developed from these investigations.
Mots Clés: Rock mechanics, Kidd Creek Mines.