Computer-assisted geological interpretation and orebody modelling

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 81, No. 916, 1988

A.C. MOERMAN,Lyon Lake, Ontario, K.R. MOTLEY and C.W. PELLEY,Mining Engineering Department, Queen's University,Kingston, Ontario

The software package described in this paper facilitates the handling of diamond drilling information in the creation and maintenance of a geological information database. Once entered, the drilling information is stored in a direct access file for rapid retrieval. The drill data are sorted into vertical cross sections and interpretation is performed using on-screen menus to define areas of common rock type and outline the mineralized zones. Intersections of individual zones can then be examined and outlined in the longitudinal dimension at a graphics terminal. With the aid of surface-fitting routines, the digitized information can be used to generate three-dimensional models of each zone. From these models intermediate cross sections and level plans can be obtained. Several interpretations are possible and plotter drawings can be obtained. An output file for use by ore reserve estimation software can also be created. Future work will tie this software to geostatistics and mine planning programs and will be aimed at converting mainframe software to run on microcomputers.
Mots Clés: Computer applications, Modelling, Geological interpretation, Underground mines, Mine planning, Diamond drilling.