Coal preparation process control

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 78, No. 881, 1985

A.I.A. SALAMA, M.W. MIKHAIL and R.J. MIKULA Coal Research Laboratory, Edmonton, Alberta

The Coal Research Laboratory (CRL) of CANMET along with other research organizations in coal-producing countries envisage major benefits from computer applications in coal preparation. Some of these benefits are greater system flexibility, improved coal preparation plant performance efficiency and efficient utilization of manpower, all of which result in economic benefits. Computers can be applied for both on-line and off-line purposes; this paper focuses on the on-line applications from the process control point of view. A critical discussion of the different analog and digital process control systems is presented. Recent developments in Great Britain, West Germany, Poland and Australia on automation and instrumentation using on-line measurements of coal ash and moisture contents are identified. The CRL research and development strategy aimed at achieving on-line computer control of an automated coal preparation plant is presented.
Mots Clés: Coal preparation, Computer applications, Process control, Instrumentation, Automation, Coal flotation, Ash monitoring.