Ceramics for the continuous casting of small cross section products

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 83, No. 938, 1990

A.J. Rigby, Thor Ceramic Systems Inc., Hamilton, Ontario N.A. McPherson and P.C. Stevens, Thor Ceramics Limited, Clydebank, Scotland

There has been a consistent move in recent years to continuously cast small billets while utilizing ceramic stream protection between tundish and mould. The need to have ceramic stream protection has developed from a need to improve billet surface quality by submerged pouring. The need to protect the ladle to tundish stream in conjunction with tundish to mould protection is explained. The continuous casting of thin slabs is at the development state and will require a great deal of ceramic development to ensure the economic viability of the project. An insight is given to the main problems.
Mots Clés: Refractory metallurgy, Ceramics, Continuous casting.