Capturing unrealized capacity

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 97, No. 1076, 2004

M.W. Lewis, J. Werner, B. Sambirsky

A mine’s inherent capacity is dictated by factors such as equipment, design, people, processes, and environment. Actual production may approach, but never surpass, the inherent capacity limit. The inherent capacity ceiling can only be increased through re-engineering. Autonomous haulage systems have the potential to significantly increase a mine’s inherent and realized capacity. Realized capacity may be maximized through the optimization of soft factors such as the processes, behaviours, and organizational systems, controlling asset utilization, availability, and performance. Truck shovel dispatching systems revolutionized the utilization of mobile assets. High-precision global positioning systems (HP-GPS) are increasingly being adopted to optimize equipment performance. Real-time maintenance management systems have the potential to revolutionize equipment availability and significantly reduce cash costs. This paper explores some of the solutions available to mines to increase their inherent capacity and maximize their realized capacity.
Mots Clés: Capacity, Maintenance, Utilization, Mining, Remote condition monitoring, Mobile equipment