Borehole hoisting at Sherritt's Fox Mine

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 78, No. 873, 1985

J.G. KELLY, Chief Mine Engineer, C.P. BROWN, Mine Superintendent, Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited, Fox Operations, Lynn Lake, Manitoba

In June 1983 a new borehole hoisting system was commissioned at Sherritt Gordon's Fox Mine. Twelve hundred tons-per-day of ore from the 2600 and 2800 levels are being hoisted to the 2000 level through an 8-ft diameter bored winze. This new method replaces the diesel truck haulage system which had been in operation at the mine since 1975. A study was initiated in 1980 to determine the most effective method of achieving the required production. The study examined several hoisting alternatives including: expanding the existing trucking system; converting to electrically-powered truck haulage; and deepening the skip compartments of the existing main shaft. The alternative selected as the hoisting method most suited to the requirements was borehole hoisting. Development of the new system commenced in April 1982. Underground excavations included 700 feet of 8-ft diameter borehole, a hoistroom and headframe, storage bins, and a grizzly and rockbreaker station. Equipment installations included: a 5-ft diameter double-drum Nordberg hoist; a counterweighted Kimberley-type skip; two rockbreakers; and the steel sets in the winze. These installations were completed in June 1983. Some problems were encountered after the initial commissioning but these were solved, and since August 1983, the system has proven that the designed capacity is achievable within expected costs.
Mots Clés: Underground mining, Hoisting, Borehole hoisting, Fox Mine, Raiseboring, Equipment maintenance, Rockbreaking.