Boréalis: Developing Purpose-Built Software to Help Mining Companies Comply with TSM Protocols


François Robichaud , Boréalis

Since 2004, Boréalis has been helping mining organizations all around the world to better monitor their activities on the ground, build lasting and strong relationships of trust with communities and maintain their social license to operate. How so? We developed a unique tool that combines international best practices such as the IFC Performance Standards and the Towards Sustainable Mining initiative with technology, innovation and most recently, artificial intelligence (AI). While the core of the web-based software we develop is stakeholder engagement, there are 7 additional modules to assist the specific requirements of mining projects, including land access & resettlement, social investment, responsible sourcing (local employment and responsible business development), grievance management, environmental monitoring, compliance management and monitoring & evaluation. In 2018, we developed our Engagement Plan functionality, which will be released at the beginning of 2019. This will be a game changer for most organizations: the tool allows teams to convert their strategies into actionable tasks, follow-ups and communications. Furthermore, the built-in Analytics tool makes it easy to report on activities, spot areas of improvement and hot topics, in addition to provide visually compelling displays of data for lenders, governments, investors and other entities they may need to report to.  With this presentation, we’d like to use real life examples to showcase how technology can be an enabler for mining organizations, whether they are operating in challenging context with RAPs, dealing with commitments to First Nations, managing multiple sites worldwide simultaneously or engaging with local communities regarding specific issues. We’d also like to present what the future of stakeholder engagement looks like from a technology standpoint: meet the engagement plan functionality, learn about AI innovations which will be available in 2019, and more.
Mots Clés: Engagement Plan