Blasthole stoping for narrow vein mining

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 84, No. 945, 1991

Y. Lizotte, CANMET-MRL, Ottawa, Ontario

This paper examines the application ofblasthole stoping to narrow vein mining in Canada, for ore deposits where widths are less than two metres. While the technique has now been utilized for more than ten years, it remains in the experimental stage and on-site testing is necessary for its adoption at new mining operations or in different geological settings. It is intrinsically a safer method than other narrow vein methods in current use. The investigation describes the main operating parameters for mines recently surveyed. The criteria for method applicability are defined and the problems encountered are studied. It is concluded that blasthole stoping for narrow vein mining is a viable modern method which promises to gain popularity and that emerging fragmentation technology and blasting research can be used to further increase applicability of the stoping method.
Mots Clés: Underground raining, Narrow vein mining, Blasthole stoping, Mining operations.