Benefits of Diversification of The Mining Industry Demographic


Baileigh Sirman, BBA; Amy Boudreau, Stantec Consulting Services

Can innovation in the mining industry be found outside the rocks? The implementation of new ``innovative`` technologies is a hot topic, but the same ideas continue to be discussed. For instance; is the use of batteries in mining as innovative as we think? Battery electric energy has been used in vehicles since the late 1800’s. Although battery composition was not desirable for use in larger operation applications, the technology was available for adaptation. Now, in 2019, the chemical composition has become far more stable and the batteries have an adequate energy density. Despite available technology’s suitability to the industry, the integration is slow, therefore ways to further increase innovation should be considered. This paper aims to recommend opportunities to promote our industry - Can innovation be stimulated by broadening the industry’s “typical” demographic? Mining, when presented, is often represented and portrayed as a hard way of life filled with danger and destruction. While the mining industry certainly involves some component of that, it is much more. Can interest be stimulated in the industry by increasing the general public’s awareness, thus allowing for individuals with diverse backgrounds to become educated on the challenges the mining industry faces today? An appropriate example of a similar campaign, which was designed to build interest in a misrepresented industry, is the agricultural industry. They self-promoted to illustrate the updated version of “farming”. How can we make mining relative/relatable to today’s generation? Education of the history and evolution of the mining industry would stimulate a greater public interest in a career in mining, bringing individuals with diverse ideas for innovation. Increasing transparency, education, and dedication to innovation and technology will require the support of the entire mining industry.  With curiosity driving innovation, the possibilities are limitless. Written By: Baileigh Sirman  Amy Boudreau Alex Mulloy  Negar Saeidi