Belledune generating station: coal handling plant and flue gas scrubber

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 87, No. 982, 1994

E.R. Rivenbark, Belledune 450 MW Project, New Brunswick Power Corporation, Fredericton, New Brunswick

The coal handling plant represents an investment of about $100 million in coal handling and storage equipment. The coal receiving is done by a continuous ship unloader that can handle ships in the 60 000 T range at a rate of 1750 /ph. A unique feature in the system is a stacker/reclaimer unit which will work inside a dome storage structure. The coal for the unit will include any low sulphur coal that can be delivered by sea at an economical price blended with New Brumwick high sulphur coal. The flue gas scrubber is a wet limestone system capable of 95% SO2 removal. The scrubber will utilize about 150 000 tonnes of limestone per year and will produce commercial grade gypsum by the forced oxidation method.