Automated interactive inspection and conditional maintenance system Metso


Guadalupe Rodriguez, Metso Minerals

Metso, one of the global leaders in mining, is taking maintenance management to the next level. With many new innovations and changes to traditional practices, Metso is making the maintenance process more accurate, simple and responsive. Now, customers can expect a fully automated maintenance tool which can be used online via mobile in remote location. The Metso Maintenance Solution (MMS), a centralized software specifically designed for mining operations, now offers “conditional maintenance”. It can predict when the next maintenance service required based on current operating conditions. This includes any operational parameter that requires scheduled maintenance such as accumulated production, power consumption, vibration, oil conditions, wear and more. The outcome is a dynamic scheduling process that prioritises maintenance tasks based on status of the variable being measured. The MMS solution is delivered as a complete package including customized documents and mobile devices for inspectors, automated work orders, and smart interactive documents. In addition to conditional maintenance, existing features include: procedures, check lists, lubrication, parts catalogs, etc. The tool can be used online through mobile phones or offline in remote mining environments. Metso is pleased to have successfully launched the MMS software in Indonesia, where it is supporting the operation of 85 machines and 350 components. The system automatically generates 120 preventative tasks per week and manages 1200 inventory parts using a dedicated SAP interface. KPIs such as equipment and labor costs, production statistics, operation and downtime reports, availability, inventory costs and consumption are being tracked online. After one year of operation in Indonesia, the MMS system operates from a central office with two planners and one on-site engineer. Using the new conditional maintenance feature, Metso and its partner were able to increase overall availability by 8%, decrease unexpected failure by 10% and reduce working capital by 10%.
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