Autogenous grinding mills for diamond liberation

CIM Journal, Vol. 4, No. 1, 2013

J. E. Danoczi Saskatoon, SK S. Harvey Shore Gold Inc., Saskatoon, SK

A diamond processing plant is being designed for the Star–Orion South diamond project in central Saskatchewan. Key to the plant is diamond liberation, which occurs in the comminution section and is the process of breaking up kimberlite rock as gently as possible to minimize diamond damage, particularly in larger, high-value diamonds. Kimberlite from the crater area of a volcanic pipe is generally softer than kimberlite from the diatreme zone. Softer kimberlite, comprising the majority of Star–Orion South deposits, can be readily broken up using abrasion and attrition by autogenous grinding mills, the preferred comminution method for minimizing diamond damage.    
Mots Clés: Diamond liberation, Diamond breakage, Diamond damage, Staged crushing, Diamond lock-up, Autogenous grinding, Kimberlite