Asbestos in asphalt

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 84, No. 949, 1991

M. Cossette and V.H. Iran, CERAM-SNA, Inc., Sherbrooke, Quebec

How can the durability of asphalt pavement be doubled without increasing highway budgets? Asphalt containing asbestos can provide the desired performance with additional costs being made up by longer life. The addition of a low pecentage of asbestos to an asphalt mix permits a higher asphalt content without any consequent loss in stability. It is mainly the higher asphalt content that provides improved performance and durability, although the fibrous reinforcement plays a key role in preventing the propagation of micro-fissures. As well, several international studies show that, thanks to the latest production techniques, no environmental hazards need be incurred.
Mots Clés: Industrial minerals, Asbestos, Asphalt.