Are we adept for extreme climatic and seismic events?


Dr Henri Sangam, Dr Hafeez UllahBaba

More recently, climatic and seismic events have repeated which either reached or exceeded design conditions. Are the mining professionals adept for such extremes? This paper will look at some key mine infrastructure such as tailings management and water retention facilities; mine waste stockpiles and large-size earthworks that may be at risk. The aim is to create awareness among mine professionals around sustainable mine infrastructure instead of simply following current releases of codes, standards and industry practices. Mine professionals deal with some unique and large-size infrastructure development and the failure of some mine waste management facilitates can have severe environmental and economic consequences, and can bring disrepute to the mining profession. More often mining professionals work on a global scale and in some jurisdictions where historic data gathering or established standards are those that the mining professionals gather or establish. Through this paper an attempt is being made to develop an approach to support adequate orientation for civil engineering professionals venturing into mining industry, including specific approach and awareness around understanding climatic extremes and global warming impacts on the mine infrastructure, as well as ways to create a more robust and sustainable mine infrastructure.