Application of longhole drilling methods for narrow vein mining

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 83, No. 937, 1990

Peter Larsen, Richard Cyr and William Quesnel, Boart Canada Inc.

The need to continually improve efficiency and lower costs in mining operations is of paramount importance to all concerned in the industry. Mining operations are constantly testing new methods and equipment in order to lower costs and improve productivity. Equipment suppliers strive to fulfill the demands of the mines through improved design and innovative ideas for productivity increases. In some cases, however, an increase in productivity does not require new equipment design, but rather the application of an existing mining method into different operating parameters. Such is the case in applying longhole methods to narrow vein ore deposits. Bulk mining methods have long been recognized as efficient, low-cost alternatives in narrow vein operations. Typically, shrinkage and some cut-and-fill methods are employed. The shortfall of these methods is the tendency to be labour intensive. The demand for miners skilled in these methods far outweighs their availability. Consequently, labour-efficient methods have to be employed to fill the void. The application of longhole drilling techniques to narrow vein deposits is one such method.
Mots Clés: Drilling methods, Underground mining, Equipment, Ground support.