Application of kinetics and liberation data to analysis of an industrial flotation process

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 80, No. 899, 1987

N.W. JOHNSON, Mount Isa Mines Limited, Australia

Two analysis tools which have been applied to problems in industrial flotation processes are the application of kinetics and detailed mineralogical or liberation data, both on a size-by-size basis. This paper describes practical examples of the application of kinetics to examination of the entrainment recovery mechanism, the retardation of valuable minerals at the commencement of flotation sections and the resolution of problems related to valuable species with reduced rate constants at the end of sections. Examples of the usefulness of size-by-size liberation data for monthly composite samples of products from a concentrator are also described.
Mots Clés: Kinetics, Liberation, Flotation process, Mineralogy, Sphalerite, Sulphide gangue minerals.