An overview of wear-resistant alloys for the mining industry

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 90, No. 1012, 1997

B. McKee, Deloro Stellite Inc., Belleville, Ontario, and J.B.C. Wu, Deloro Stellite Inc., St. Louis, Missouri

Mining along with subsequent processing of the minerals often presents conditions where a wear- and/or corrosion-resistant alloy is needed to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. This paper is intended to give an overview of the alloys that are currently being used, as well as those developed in recent years that could be used in the mining industry. Emphasis will be put on the iron-, nickel-, cobalt-based alloys and composites containing a variety of carbides. The characteristics, properties, product forms, and methods of application are presented. In addition, examples of the actual use of these wear-resistant materials are illustrated.