An experimental study of the interactions between liquid steel and a MgO-based tundish refractory

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 90, No. 1014, 1997

J. Lehmann, M. Boher, and M.C. Kaerlé IRSID, Maizières-lès-Metz Cedex, France

In the production of high quality steel, the understanding of the interactions between liquid steel and refractories and of their effect on steel purity and cleanness are becoming more and more important. An experimental study has been performed in order to estimate the importance of the reaction between a MgO-based tundish refractory and an Al-killed steel. The results show a pollution of the liquid steel: • the silicon content of the liquid steel increases due to the reduction of the silica of the refractory by the aluminum contained in the steel; and • a reoxidation of the steel occurs and the formation of an oxide layer on the refractory, mainly composed of spinel crystals and of Ca-aluminates is observed. The transfer mechanisms of the various elements are analyzed.
Mots Clés: Metallurgy, Liquid steel, Refractory, MGO-based tuntish refractory.