Air-decking techniques for controlled blasting in open pits

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 81, No. 917, 1988

F. UREKAR,C-I-L Inc. Vancouver, British Columbia and R.B. PANKHURST Fernie, British Columbia

Air spaces and air gaps in an explosives column are known to allow greater distribution and cushioning of explosive energy from the rock mass. This energy distribution is enhanced if the explosives' gases can be confined in the borehole for as long as possible by plugging and stemming above the air space. Power Plug is an inflatable plug which can seal a borehole at any point to separate the stemming from an air gap and explosive toe load.
Mots Clés: Open pit mining, Blasting techniques, Controlled blasting, Air decks, Slope stability, Coal mining, Waste wedge removal, Explosives, Power plugs.