Acid mine water treatment at Les Mines Gallen, Noranda Mines Limited

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 76, No. 851, 1983

N. LECUYER, Chief Engineer, Chadbourne Division, Noranda Mines Limited, Noranda, Quebec

During early 1980, pre-production work commenced at the "Les Mines Gallen" project, north of Noranda, Quebec. Asa result of the acid mine water associated with this property, a major pre-production phase included the installation of a water treatment plant to render the water environmentally suitable. This paper emphasizes the planning, installation and operational factors of the treatment plant necessary to the success of the mining operations and the maintaining of a clean environment.
Mots Clés: Underground mining, Les Mines Gallen, Water treatment, Noranda Mines, Environmental control, Acid mine water.