A new initiating system and its testing instruments

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 81, No. 918, 1988

YAN HONGJIU and LIU LICHING,Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy,Beijing, China

In China, the electromagnetic induction initiating system for blasting engineering has been greatly developed in recent years. With this system, the total number of detonators that may be blasted in each round has been increased from 420 to 940 as a result of the invention of a powerful exploder, and the length of legwires of a detonator has reached 12 metres. These developments make the new system suitable for blasting engineering of medium scale. Another attractive feature of this system is a set of testing instruments which have been invented that enable a final check of the system to be made before firing as in normal electric blasting. This paper reports on these developments.
Mots Clés: Electromagnetic induction, Explosive engineering, Initiating systems, Blasting.